Clinical Advantages

The unmatched precision of PIEZOSURGERY®preserves soft tissue and allows for minimally invasive osteotomies and osteoplasties.


When clinicians first started using PIEZOSURGERY® they noticed an overall improvement in patient outcomes compared to traditional bone surgical instruments. Initially, they hypothesized that improved bone healing resulted from the unmatched precision of PIEZOSURGERY®’s cutting action. Not only did it preserve soft tissue, but the cutting action allowed for minimally invasive osteotomies and osteoplasties. However, these features alone could not explain the significantly improved osseous response that clinicians were observing.

With this in mind, histomorphological and biomolecular research was conducted to gain a better understanding of the biological factors associated with the improved “PIEZOSURGERY® healing”. Research found that PIEZOSURGERY® by Mectron resulted in earlier increases of BMP levels and a reduced expression of proinflammatory cytokines compared to conventional drilling methods. This provides evidence that PIEZOSURGERY® by Mectron was more efficient in the first phases of bone healing (Preti et al., 2007).

Lateral Sinus Lift
Crestal Sinus Lift
Implant Site Preparation
Ridge Expansion
Bone Block Grafting
Particulate Bone Grafting
Cyst Removal
Periodontal Resective Surgery
Implant Removal (Explantation)